Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, as well as my grandfather's birthday. Quite appropriate since he passed away the end of January this year. Things I miss about him: Rocky Mountain burpus, Peach in the Garden, his humorous, but quite silly jokes, his amazing knowledge, his sweet smiles, him softly scratching your arm, him singing opera, and so many other things. He would have been 77 today, but appropriate he passed away at 76 because of his love of music & following the song, 76 Trombones from the musical, Music Man.

I received a few cd players from his home to put in each of my children's room. Colby turned his on a month or so ago & it went straight to the cd player & out blasted opera. The next 3 or 4 times Colby played music, it was this same music. I asked him about it & he said he really likes it! The cd in his player has since changed to the Curious George soundtrack, but Strauss is close by waiting to be played again.

Here are a few precious pictures from the past with Pa:

Here is Pa holding Isaiah, 3 days old.
Pa & Laura Christmas 2006.
The most recent picture I have of Pa with Colby in their hats!
Pa with Abigail at her 3 year old party.
Here's Pa in Estes Park last summer playing with Isaiah.

Pa & Colby on "The Rock" in Wild Basin.
I am so thankful that me and my family have such wonderful memories with Pa and all those who have passed away these past years. As everyone mourns those who have gone before us, we too miss them being here.
Abigail just walked in while I am finishing this post - I told her today is Pa's birthday - she said, "Is Pa back?" I wish it was that simple.


teresa said...

What a lovely and loving tribute.
Teresa and Memo

Cornelius Crew said...

What a sweet post. And what abigail said is just so innocent. I too wish it were that simple....Darrell would've been 40 on the 16th.