Friday, May 21, 2010

Family Pictures at 37 weeks Pregnant

Last night we went to Medi-Park for some pictures to capture my very large belly!

37 weeks down, 3 to go!

Colby's front tooth looks a little crooked, because it's about to fall out!

Superhero Isaiah to the rescue!

It's Finally Up to Date!!!

Wow - that was a quick 5 months in review! I hope you enjoyed all the pictures!

I am now on a 19 day countdown to my due date for our 4th baby. It will be interesting to see when he's going to arrive! The kids only have 1 more week of school, and then summer vacation! We opened our pool this past week and have enjoyed swimming in the afternoons.

We had our pictures made last night with my very pregnant belly - so when I get those I'll post one more time before the new baby comes!


The kids all enjoyed skating at the end-of-year children's choir party. It's been quite a few years since I've taken them, so it was like their 1st time!

The beautiful roses in honor of many mothers on Mother's Day at church.
Dan went to Las Vegas on Mother's Day weekend, so the kids & I planned a fun weekend! We went to mass Saturday night so we could take advantage of cheap bowling on Sunday morning. This is another activity that somehow we haven't done in quite a few years. The kids did a great job & Abigail & Isaiah won the games!

I drove some of Colby's classmates on their field trip last week. We began at an indoor miniature golf place.
Last Saturday, I took Abigail to a wedding shower for a high school classmate of mine. She had a wonderful time watching all the presents being opened.
Above is a video of Abigail & Colby skating - pretty good for basically their 1st time!
Isaiah enjoyed skating and dancing to the music!

The rest of April Happenings

Abigail painting a flower for her room. Brigid came over for one last visit before her 3 month trip to South Africa to volunteer in an AIDS orphanage! We will surely miss her! If you want to check up on her experiences, she's writing a blog:
I moved Colby and Isaiah in a room together the first of March to prepare for the new baby. Though they each have their own twin bed - most nights they would prefer to sleep together. This is how I found them sleeping a few weeks ago!
Abigail had a little singing program a few weeks ago where she sang her heart out & did all the motions!

Isaiah took a gymnastics class at the community college this semester & enjoyed it!
My mom gave me a baby shower at the end of April to get all those essentials!
This is my precious friend, Kelly.
And my friend, Tiffany.
And my momma!
All the lovely ladies that attended:

The Great Wolf Lodge

We took one last family trip before I was "grounded" because of being too close to my due date to the Great Wolf Lodge. It was a perfect time for all the kids to enjoy the lodge. Dan and Colby tried all the slides, while Abigail & Isaiah were happy to stay with me in the kiddie area and wave pool.

It was a few days before my birthday, so it doubled as a birthday present too! We went to eat at the yummy fondue Melting Pot Restaurant. I took Abigail to Let's Pretend Tea Parties. She got to have makeup put on and her hair done, as well as get dressed up and have tea and cupcakes!

She surely enjoyed being so girly!!!
We went across the street to checkout the Gaylord Texan hotel.

Happy Easter!

The Friday before Easter I took the kids to Gannie's (my mom) for some Easter egg decorating fun. The kids enjoyed blowing the yolk out of the eggs - though Abigail crushed more than she completed. They also tried many different way of decorating them with stickers and rubber bands before dying them.
They also decorated some cookies - with so many sprinkles they had to be decorated and eaten outside!

We went to the country club the Saturday before Easter for their festivities.
Here's Abigail ready to hunt some eggs.
Isaiah found quite a few too!

The amazing face painter was there again this year & did a wonderful job again!

Here's Colby & Abigail after Easter mass with one of their favorite babysitters, Rachel.

I attempted to get a good picture of my 3 kiddies... somehow this is what transpired:

The kid's yearly picture with Brigid!
A little outdoor play after church!

I took the kids to my mom's house that evening and we had our annual Easter egg hunt. She filled so many we had 2 separate hunts to find the 147 eggs!

Uncle John helping Colby get the high ones.

Bubbles are always a fun activity!