Friday, May 21, 2010

The rest of April Happenings

Abigail painting a flower for her room. Brigid came over for one last visit before her 3 month trip to South Africa to volunteer in an AIDS orphanage! We will surely miss her! If you want to check up on her experiences, she's writing a blog:
I moved Colby and Isaiah in a room together the first of March to prepare for the new baby. Though they each have their own twin bed - most nights they would prefer to sleep together. This is how I found them sleeping a few weeks ago!
Abigail had a little singing program a few weeks ago where she sang her heart out & did all the motions!

Isaiah took a gymnastics class at the community college this semester & enjoyed it!
My mom gave me a baby shower at the end of April to get all those essentials!
This is my precious friend, Kelly.
And my friend, Tiffany.
And my momma!
All the lovely ladies that attended:

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