Wednesday, May 19, 2010

February Portland Girls Visit

I decided to take Abigail for a long weekend to visit my sister in Portland back in February. We had a great time seeing many beautiful things there!

We began our trip at the Outlet Mall. Of course, it rained. But, it was a great excuse for Abigail to get a raincoat & rain boots! Then, we visited the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry.
The next day we went to the Portland Children's Museum.

Abigail's creation with clay:
Then, we visited the zoo, which shares the parking lot with the Children's Museum - so handy! Here's Abigail in one of the exhibits.
Lounging Lions.

Abby & Aunt Laura.
The next day we took a beautiful drive by the Columbia River & stopped at Vista Point. Such a lovely view!

Then, down the road we reached a beautiful waterfall - Multnomah Falls.

Abigail with Herman the Sturgeon - he's 60 years old, 9 ft long & weighs 400 lbs! - at the Sturgeon Ponds.
We went to the Oregon Children's Theater to see The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs - quite a cute musical!

Then, we went to the Portland Lan Su Chinese Gardens to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

It was great to visit the beautiful city of Portland, and especially to spend time with my sweet sister. It's such a different area of the country with moss growing on the trees from all the moisture, awesome public transportation, and beautiful scenery!

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