Saturday, September 26, 2009


Thursday evening we went back to the fairgrounds for the rodeo. I attempted to dress the kids in as "cowboy-like" attire as we have...Uncle John joined us for the event!
This was Abigail's 2nd year to try Mutton Bustin' & Colby's 1st year to attempt it. Last year he refused, so I'm glad he got up the courage this year, which will be his only time, as it's only for kids ages 4-7. We signed up early so they were 2 of the 10 kids who were able to do it! Here's Abigail excited face as we were waiting to get suited up. She was the only girl!

My very serious Colby... Waiting on the platform to be put on top of the sheep!
They went 3rd & 4th of the group of 10 & Abigail held on the 2nd longest out of all of the kids!!! I was so proud of her! But, when she finally let go of the sheep, it proceeded to step on the side of her face and her arm, so she came away crying... Unfortunately I didn't get to see Colby's ride in person, but it was very short lived! The video is at the bottom of this post!

They all received a medal:

Isaiah's big boots!
Gotta love Ring Pops!
Isaiah hiding from our self-portrait opportunity.

And the moment you've all been waiting for - the footage of Abigail & Colby's ride!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fair Fun

I took the kids to the fair this past Tuesday after school with my mom. We began at the petting zoo. Isaiah loved touching the animals! or... grabbing the animals
Abigail, of course, found the baby animal to pet.
feeding the animals -
Thankfully Isaiah measured right at 36 inches so he could ride most of the kiddie rides. It was going to be very interesting if he wasn't...

Abigail & Isaiah with a crazy carnie!

Brotherly love!
Colby & Gannie!
Dan joined us for dinner and for one ride on the ferris wheel!
Lots of fun was had by all!

Happy Birthday Colby & Abigail!

It is very hard to believe that Colby & Abigail are now 7 & 5!!!

We began the birthday celebrating on Abigail's birthday, September 9th. I visited her Montessori school and brought donut holes for a morning snack, and everyone got 5, of course! The day before Colby's Sept. 12th birthday I brought cookies to his class. Here's a few precious pictures of my son who was quite embaressed to be the center of attention! The teacher first said a prayer for Colby that his classmates repeated. Then, they sang Happy Birthday, complete with "cha-cha-cha"s.
Finally, they all reached their blessing hands out to him and sang to the "Happy Birthday" tune: "May the dear Lord bless you."
Even though it was quite a few moments of embaressment for him, it was such a blessing for me to see such a positive aspect of private Christian education.

Then, the party began! The weather decided to only get into the 60's, but that didn't stop our pool party turned pool-size hot tub party! I turned the pool up to 95 degrees and all the kids got in, as well as a few brave dads!
Abigail & Emily
The attack begins:

Candy grab!
The boys turn:

Cupcake time!
Isaiah enjoying his chocolate cake!

Colby with Hannah (future wife) & Nancy:

Happy Birthday my precious children. The past 7 years has flown by, but I can't imagine my life without each of you. Thank you for all of the joy and love you bring to me. You both are sweet gifts from God. - Mom

Labor Day Weekend at the Ranch

I guess I'm in a once-a-month blogging routine.... somehow there's no time to get everything done & this is one of the last things on my list! But, I like to catalog our pictures and experiences here! So, here goes with many posts to follow!

We all went with Dan's entire family to their ranch over Labor Day weekend & had a blast! The weekend was filled with good food, card games, 4-wheeler riding, fishing, dove hunting & a treasure hunt!Isaiah & Uncle Jimmy:
Isaiah loving on cousin Ross.
All the cousins!
+ Grandma!