Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Colby & Abigail!

It is very hard to believe that Colby & Abigail are now 7 & 5!!!

We began the birthday celebrating on Abigail's birthday, September 9th. I visited her Montessori school and brought donut holes for a morning snack, and everyone got 5, of course! The day before Colby's Sept. 12th birthday I brought cookies to his class. Here's a few precious pictures of my son who was quite embaressed to be the center of attention! The teacher first said a prayer for Colby that his classmates repeated. Then, they sang Happy Birthday, complete with "cha-cha-cha"s.
Finally, they all reached their blessing hands out to him and sang to the "Happy Birthday" tune: "May the dear Lord bless you."
Even though it was quite a few moments of embaressment for him, it was such a blessing for me to see such a positive aspect of private Christian education.

Then, the party began! The weather decided to only get into the 60's, but that didn't stop our pool party turned pool-size hot tub party! I turned the pool up to 95 degrees and all the kids got in, as well as a few brave dads!
Abigail & Emily
The attack begins:

Candy grab!
The boys turn:

Cupcake time!
Isaiah enjoying his chocolate cake!

Colby with Hannah (future wife) & Nancy:

Happy Birthday my precious children. The past 7 years has flown by, but I can't imagine my life without each of you. Thank you for all of the joy and love you bring to me. You both are sweet gifts from God. - Mom

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