Monday, June 30, 2008


I know - you should be impressed - 3 posts today... Anyway, I just had a few extra minutes & was thinking.

I took Colby to his pediatrician a few weeks ago because we've been noticing that he walks on the insides of his feet. He confirmed that his arches are not forming correctly & referred us to an orthotist to make inserts for his shoes. We met with them the following week & they casted his feet to get a mold for the inserts. He did NOT like them taking off the molds with the loud blade!

Today we went back to have them fitted. He was very hesitant to go to the appointment. But, after they put in the inserts he was jumping around & saying how much he liked how they felt! Amazing. I am so thankful that he didn't instantly cry or say he didn't like them.

I was talking to him about wearing the inserts after his appointment. I told him he could choose if he told his friends or not about wearing them. As his mother, I certainly don't want him to be made fun of for anything, especially something that will hopefully correct his feet while they're forming. (I know in the scheme of things, this is one very small problem!)

The great thing is that when he's wearing the inserts, it really makes a difference in the way he stands & walks. So, that's great!

When he was just a couple years old & the stork bite he had on the upper part of his chest was really red & still a little puffy, I remember a little girl coming up to him & asking what it was. He didn't know any different & he said it was something that made his special. Unfortunately now, some of that innocence is gone.

I asked him if he wanted to tell his friends & he said they would say, "Ooo, Colby looks like a girl..." (They have a sort of heel on them)

You can only shield your children so much, but as a parent, I don't want them to get their feelings hurt by others.

Estes Park part 1

Every year we eat at The Baldpate Inn. It's an amazingly simple meal - soup, salad & bread. But, it's quite delicious! Here's mom with my twin sisters, Lisa & Laura.

Here's a pretty good picture of our family out on the porch of Baldpate. Everyone's actually looking at the camera & smiling!

Here's the view from Red Rock cabin in Este Park, YMCA Camp of the Rockies. Pretty nice! One of the favorite things for the kids to do this past week while we were at the cabin was to "break rocks." Doesn't sound so exciting to me, but wow, it kept them all occupied for a while!

Denver Children's Museum

On our way to Estes Park, Colorado we stopped in Denver for the evening. Before driving through the mountains, we stopped at the Denver Children's Museum. It is an amazing place for children to play!!! The kids would have probably been fine to stay for many, many hours.

Here are Colby & Abigail in the "Vet Room" where you can do all sorts of job around a veterianarian's office.
Abigail, the Queen, in the dress-up & dance area.
Isaiah "the Cowboy" dressing up!
Colby with his creation!
It was quite an amazing beginning to a wonderful trip. More posts to come!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Sleep

Where's Abigail? - It's amazing how children sleep! Abigail looking so beautiful in the morning! - a true picture of bed head. She took a shower by herself last night, so I'm thinking she didn't quite get out all of the shampoo...
The dogs "enjoying" the heat!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pedicures & Ice Cream

Isaiah has had a fever the past few days off and on. He goes from being very cranky & wanting to be held to seeming ok and wanting to play. This morning after I woke him up at 9:15am he went back to sleep in the car at 10:20am - so he is sick for sure!

My sweet mom offered to watch Isaiah this afternoon so I could have a little time to do errands on my own & then pick up Abigail. This time away was greatly appreciated. I was able to have lunch with my husband & get a pedicure!

Then, I picked Abigail up from school & took her to get a kids version of a pedicure & manicure & then some yummy ice cream from Coldstone Creamery. By the way, I didn't know they have daily specials there - Tuesdays: buy one kids ice cream, get one free! Also Mondays is buy a medium cone or shake & get a kids ice cream free! Very useful in the summer months!

Here are her beautiful fingernails & toenails:
Here's a picture of Isaiah looking a little sick with a posing-Abigail! (and yes, that is chocolate ice cream on the end of her nose and shirt)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ice Cream - One of the Best Parts of Summer!

A few nights ago, I took Abigail & Isaiah to my mom's house for dinner while Dan & Colby went to the Dilla's game. Even though Isaiah decided not to eat dinner, he did manage to enjoy some ice cream. It's kind of hard to tell in the picture, but the ice cream & the cone did manage to get everywhere!
The last week of school in Montessori is over for Colby! The year truly has flown by. Now we begin a summer of swimming & fun! Beginning tomorrow he will start swim lessons and spanish class. I know, you're thinking spanish class? I gave him the option of many classes offered, and he chose spanish for kids 4-6 years old. So, hopefully he will have lots of fun learning more about speaking spanish!