Saturday, September 26, 2009


Thursday evening we went back to the fairgrounds for the rodeo. I attempted to dress the kids in as "cowboy-like" attire as we have...Uncle John joined us for the event!
This was Abigail's 2nd year to try Mutton Bustin' & Colby's 1st year to attempt it. Last year he refused, so I'm glad he got up the courage this year, which will be his only time, as it's only for kids ages 4-7. We signed up early so they were 2 of the 10 kids who were able to do it! Here's Abigail excited face as we were waiting to get suited up. She was the only girl!

My very serious Colby... Waiting on the platform to be put on top of the sheep!
They went 3rd & 4th of the group of 10 & Abigail held on the 2nd longest out of all of the kids!!! I was so proud of her! But, when she finally let go of the sheep, it proceeded to step on the side of her face and her arm, so she came away crying... Unfortunately I didn't get to see Colby's ride in person, but it was very short lived! The video is at the bottom of this post!

They all received a medal:

Isaiah's big boots!
Gotta love Ring Pops!
Isaiah hiding from our self-portrait opportunity.

And the moment you've all been waiting for - the footage of Abigail & Colby's ride!

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Travis Erwin said...

Abigail is a rodeo star in the making.