Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Day 1-3 at Disneyworld!

May 18th we set our on our first Disneyworld vacation! Before I get too far behind on blogging, I decided to put together a few slideshows of our pictures. The trip was amazing! But, full of lots of rain, record rainfall. I think they got over 25 inches the week we were there! Dan's brother & wife offered to keep Isaiah and I am so thankful especially because the rain would have been very challenging with a 2 year old. So, it was a very special trip for Dan and I just being with Colby and Abigail.

Growing up, our family went to Disneyworld I think only once, but Disneyland was almost a yearly vacation. So, I really love visiting, especially with our precious kids. You get to see the magic again through their eyes! If it were up to Dan, we would have quite a leisure vacation. But, thankfully he was ok with me packing it all in! The rain helped his cause because we had to slow down for sure!

It was a nice transition to almost summertime for Colby and Abigail too. Since Colby's been in all-day kindergarten this year, Abigail and Isaiah have become really close, whereas but the end of last summer Colby and Abigail were really close. So, it was challenging at times, but great to see Colby and Abigail slowly becoming better friends again!

Day !: The first night we arrived, we went to Hollywood Studios for the evening. It was great because most people had already left for the day. We rode the recently new Toy Story Mania ride quite a few times that evening & it is probably my favorite ride of the whole week! I highly recommend it!

Day 2: The next morning we woke up to rain, but ventured out to Epcot. They were having their flower festival, so everything was quite beautiful. We were only able to go to a few areas before we finally gave up because of the intense rain.

Day 3: The 3rd day we went to the Magic Kingdom - certainly my favorite park! Amazingly we had I think 6 hours of sunshine before the rains came it. It was perfect - we rode every ride in Fantasyland and then ventured elsewhere before stopping for the day. Later that afternoon we went to Downtown Disney for a lunch/dinner at Planet Hollywood. Then, will dark clouds looming we walked through the shops and restaurants. There was a traveling jump rope team from Canada performing which was interesting to watch. Then, the kids found a jumping fountain and of course got soaked. Thankfully because of the rains, the temperatures weren't too high, so they got pretty cold!

I was planning on making this one long post, but the slideshow is not cooperating!!! Hopefully more to come soon!


Travis Erwin said...

Great pictures. i still think we should all go together one of these days.

Cornelius Crew said...

Don't you wish we could make Disney world a yearly vacation??? Let's work on that!