Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baby Holding & Summer Camps

Abigail & Dan's Lego creation:
Colby did a week long "Making of a Cave" camp through the junior college. He really, really enjoyed it! They created a cave out of trash bags, with a fan to keep it blown up. They learned about cave drawings and created some of their own.
They also learned about stalactites and stalagmites.
Here's the blown up cave:
Colby's creation:
Isaiah loving on his brother.
Abigail did a 2 week long princess ballet class. She completely enjoyed it! So much that I've finally decided to break down and sign her up for a weekly ballet class. I've been putting it off thinking of the time commitment, as well as costumes, makeup, recitals, etc. But, she loved it and was quite good, amazingly!

Look at that perfect pose!
Babywearing. I've been doing quite a bit of it with Jacob. I had one sling with Abigail and Isaiah and I didn't use it too much. But, this time around, I need to have both hands available and it's usually at a time Jacob needs a little attention too. So, slings have been an amazing solution! When I was pregnant, I found a few on eBay and other websites. I was able to find this Moby orange one on clearance at Target for only $7 too (regularly $40)! After finally getting the hang of how to wear it comfortably, it's my favorite!

Here's a few videos of Abigail's dance class.

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