Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Colby's 1st Day

Here's a picture of Colby outside our house before leaving for his first day of Kindergarten! Here's Colby with one of his best friend, Zalen before they entered their class with Mrs. Scott!
When we got in the classroom Colby & I did a scavenger hunt around the room. I was doing just fine until I read the last instruction outloud to him: Now it's time to kiss and hug your mom or dad and say goodbye for the morning. It was very hard to say that sentence!... I had to take a deep breath so Colby wouldn't join me in a cry fest! He said he wanted me to stay, but thankfully I left without a big scene.

I'm excited for all the things he will learn this year. But, I'm sad he won't be here most of the day... It's quite an adjustment for sure!

On another note - my back surgery is in the morning. I'm ready, I think.

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Travis Erwin said...

Good luck with your surgery and that picture of our boys is great. I'm so glad Zalen and Colby are in class together.