Sunday, August 24, 2008

We Have Survived!

Alright - I apologize to anyone who checks our blog! It has been a crazy past 3 weeks! In a nutshell, here's what's been going on in our lives:
The 1st weekend of August we went to Dallas for a Choristers Guild conference. I expanded the weekend so the kids could go and have a little fun! Brigid went along with us & it was an eventful trip! Dallas was very, very hot! After the 1st day at Six Flags dripping in sweat, we decided to stay indoors if at all possible. Here's a picture from the really neat park & spray ground in Allen. If you are ever in the area, you need to check it out! It's an amazing city park!
Colby & Isaiah decided to give Dance Revolution a try! It's kind of funny, because now if you ask Isaiah to dance, he stomps one foot & claps at the same time, with a very serious look on his face. I think it started with this experience!
Colby & Abigail's "scared faces" at the Dallas Museum of Science next to the tarantula.
Playing with the bubbles, I find it interested that Isaiah is in the bubble maker... (Brigid took the kids here while I was at the conference. So, the pictures certainly amuse me!)

Here's a picture taken by Colby while waiting to go to the museum. Brigid had a great story
from that day.... Be warned it's a little disgusting - but here goes: she needed to change Isaiah's dirty diaper when they first entered the museum. So, they go to the bathroom. Of course, Colby & Abigail decided that would be a great place to argue with each other. So, Brigid had them go to opposite corners of the bathroom. Isaiah did not want to have his diaper changed, so he decided to put his shoe in the dirty mess... then, to put his hand in it and smear it on the mirror!!!! As this is going on, a woman with a very well behaved child comes into the bathroom, probably very disturbed by the scene. To make the scenario better, Brigid is seen as the 19 year old who has a 1, 3, & 5 year old! After that situation, they left the building for a bit because Isaiah decided to throw a huge fit! But, thankfully St. Brigid survived her few days alone with the kids!!! (with lots of fun storys to tell!)

I don't really have any pictures to tell the stories of the next two weeks...
But, anyway, we returned home on the 11th, and had to go back to Dallas on the 15th! Thankfully my amazing grandparents offered to take care of Isaiah so he didn't have to make the trip again! Dan & I sang at his cousins wedding there the following day. Thankfully the weather cooperated and it wasn't scorching hot, as the weekend before. We had a very nice time visiting lots of family there!
After returning home again, we began preparing for Colby to begin Kindergarten! This past Thursday he started and thankfully really enjoyed his day! Unfortunately, my dear Colby broke my less than a year old camera last week, so I had to use my mom's camera to capture the event. I will post pictures as soon as I receive them from her!
My body hasn't been agreeing with my need to get lots of things done this past week. I have been in quite a lot of pain, but thankfully that validates my reasoning to have surgery. So, 3 days to go and then recovery will begin! It's going to be a very busy 2 days trying to finish up things at work and at home. I am really looking forward to not hurting... it will be wonderful. I appreciate all the prayers for a successful surgery, and quick recovery.
Have a wonderful week!!!

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Travis Erwin said...

Colby look intense playing that game. I hope he and Zalen are surviving their first full day.