Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Picture Update

Alright, get ready for pictures from this past month!
Here's Colby & Abigail with Zalen on Colby's birthday evening.
Colby happy with his birthday surprise!
Abigail riding on her birthday surprise!
Colby & Abigail had their birthday at Brush With Art.
Colby's very large 6 year old handprint.
Abigail's 4 year old handprint.
Isaiah very amazed with the paint 21 month old handprint.
My silly children after the party.
Isaiah sleeping on his daddy.
Our fair outing.
Isaiah dressed up like a cowboy.

I know it's kind of sad, but cute monkey. You hold out a quarter in her hand and the monkey comes by and gives you "five." Abigail also did this and the monkey took her money, licked his hand, and then gave her five.
The family birthday party this year at home! Here's Abigail with her great-grandmother, Mum.
Abigail with her Grandma Mary.
Colby with his flaming cupcake. I think this will be the last year to get that many candles on the cupcake!
My 4 year old princess.
Isaiah greatly enjoying the green icing.
Every year, a month or so before Halloween I like to give my kids their costumes. This extends the holiday a little and they enjoy dressing up! I like to order from Disney's online store costumes after Halloween that are really reduced in price.
Here's my Incredible children:
Princess Abby.
In my last entry I blogged about Isaiah eating a ton of bar-b-que one night. Here's how his precious face looked after enjoying the food!


Travis Erwin said...

Great pictures.

Cornelius Crew said...

You need to look at my friend, Heather's blog...her mosaics are so cute!