Monday, September 29, 2008

The First Girl Phone Call

Alright, this is precious - My mom picked Colby up today from school about 20 minutes ago & he immediately called me. The reason, get ready, this is pretty funny - because Hannah, his friend is going to be calling & he wants me to give her my mom's number to call him there! Oh, my goodness... 6 years old and getting a call from a girl. She is a very precious girl, I might add. So, she calls & says hi... I told her Colby wasn't here, but she could call him at my mom's. So, I hear her telling her grandmother in the background that she needs a paper & pencil quick to write down the number. I hear her saying, "Hurry, she's waiting!" So, it took quite a long time to give a 5 year old the seven digit phone number, but hopefully she got it right! After I think she got all of the numbers down she said, "OK I'm going to call him real quick."

I talked to Hannah's mom on the phone last week because she was scheduling parents to work at the upcoming school carnival. She told me that when she came home from work one day, Hannah was hard at work drawing a picture for Colby & his friend, Zalen. Her mom said she really worked hard at it. Anyway, she brought it to school to give to them, but their teacher didn't let her. The school has a rule that if you handout something at school, like birthday invitations, then every child must get one. So, pretty funny!

It is so cute right now to me about the phone call... can't imagine in the next 10 years... they grow up fast.

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