Saturday, September 6, 2008

Precious Moments

A few very precious moments happened today:

This afternoon I was laying down with Abigail trying to get her to nap & closing my eyes too. She's not buying it. So, she's playing a bit. She's facing me & puts her finger carefully on her eyeball. Then, rubs her eyes and says, "My eye slobbers when I do that." I had to hold back some major laughter.

This evening I decided to start Abigail & Isaiah's bath while Dan ran to Home Depot for something. I really can't bathe them because of bending over. So, Colby came in and ask if I needed help. It's so nice when he has some grown up moments! Anyway, I said that would be great. So, I gave him the washcloth & he lathered it up with soap. He starts cleaning Isaiah and makes up a little song about washing him (just like I do). After I helped him rinse out his hair, we got Isaiah out & Colby said it was fun! Then, I told him I needed help putting on his diaper. Of course, he said that was gross. I told him it was much cleaner putting it on, rather than taking it off! So, he actually helped me put on his diaper!

Finally, after Isaiah was dressed for bed, passy & blanket in hand, I held him on the couch and sang a few songs to him. Then, I kissed & hugged him and asked him to find his daddy and do the same. The next thing I knew, he actually walked himself into his bed and was sitting up in it when I came in! I covered him up with his blanket & said goodnight! Amazing.

So, for sure this was an amazing day with a precious moment with each child.

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