Monday, September 29, 2008

Last Night's Dinner

Isaiah is 21 months now & he would be completely content to live on Fruit Snacks, Cheese & Yogurt. But, at each meal I try to encourage him to eat whatever Dan or I have prepared. This hasn't gone over so well in quite a few months! So, last night was a great exception. Dan warmed up some bar-b-que roast, beans & potato salad. From the minute we put Isaiah's plate down, he was gobbling up the "meat" as he called it, dipping it in bar-b-que sauce first. It was cut into slices, which I cut into about 6 bites for him. I'm pretty sure he ate five or more complete slices of the roast. He couldn't get enough. He ate more than any of us at the table! I captured a precious picture after, so I will be posting it soon.

My mom is now home from visiting my sister, so I'm going to get her to upload all of the photos I've taken with her camera. Then, I'll post the fun from the past few weeks!

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