Monday, November 10, 2008

Balloon Animals

Last week we went out to dinner all together. It went amazingly well, and there happened to be someone there making balloon animals. We had him come over to our table & he made some incredible things really quickly with the balloons!

Here's Isaiah's Elmo! Colby has a Spiderman. The picture doesn't do it justice - it looked really amazing.
Abigail got a princess, of course - Arial, the Little Mermaid.

The man said he and his family of 10 children are missionairies living on the TX-Mexico border. I found their website:
Have a great week!


Cornelius Crew said...

That little mermaid is too cute! I never get how they do that, I'd pop them all! thanks for your kind words on my blog! Love you!

Lisa said...

Wow- those balloons are really cool!!