Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving with Dan's family at the ranch. Here's a picture of Colby and his cousin Ross shooting air soft and bb guns outside. Colby came in and in quite a sad tone said he had shot a bird... or it might have been a leaf.

Then, Ross actually shot a bird. They went a little further and tied it up - poor thing!

Colby had an awesome time with his cousin getting to do more grown up boy things for sure!
Abigail's poor hair - very static electricity prone!
The boys.

I got to go to Colby's school last Tuesday for his class' Thanksgiving feast. Everyone was dressed as a pilgrim or indian. They all looked very precious!

This month is already going by so quickly! I really love this time of year, seeing the kids so excited and looking forward to Christmas!

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Lisa said...

That really made me laugh about the leaf. Colby is so precious.