Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December Happenings

Santa Claus came for a visit last week & here are some precious pictures from the visit:

Isaiah's a little hesitant about him, hence the hand in his mouth. Amazingly, Isaiah jumped up in his lap & noticed his gloves. Here's my precious kids - all together & smiling!

Here's all of our friends who joined us for the occasion. It was quite funny because Santa's been coming to our house ever since Colby was a baby. One family came last year, and the other family for at least 2 of the past years. They are all getting older, with the oldest ones being 7. I don't know how, but they had no idea, no idea who was coming over!
Colby's school put on a Christmas play this year. Here's C0lby waiting for it to begin with his class.
He's looking so grown up & handsome!
My mom took Colby, Abigail & me to the Polar Express train in a nearby town last Friday night. It was pretty neat. Abigail was so excited! They read the book over the speakers, served hot chocolate and cookies, and had the kids dance and sing to songs from the movie! We took the train to the North Pole & then Santa and his elves joined us on the train ride back home.

The kids and the conductor!

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Cornelius Crew said...

How was the train ride? Looks like fuN!I heard that it was really a rough ride though. Can't wait to get to talk to you one of these days!s