Friday, March 13, 2009

Growing Up

Somehow life has been very busy & I haven't blogged lately, but this week deserves an entry.

All 3 of my children have used something to help them go to sleep. Colby sucked his right 2 fingers and played with his ear using his left hand. He thankfully stopped around his 4th birthday without too much fuss. Abigail began sucking her left 2 fingers at a very young age too and rubbing her top lip with her right thumb. She stopped with a little bit of challenge this past October after her 4th birthday.

Isaiah was the only one who liked pacifiers and has been sleeping with it and his silky blanket since he was young. Well, when I was picking him up from Mother's Day Out yesterday afternoon one of the teachers asked me if he was used to having a pacifier at nap time because she just found it in his bag... I know, great mom - when he was moved to this classroom the first of January it was a surprise to me, so somehow I never talked to them about how he was used to sleeping with his passy & blanket. So, they said he only used his blanket to go to sleep and really didn't have any problems! Oh, my goodness.

So, I decided that it's time to work on taking the pacifier away from him.... Well, this is a bit sad for me because it's one more step in him becoming more like a big boy and less my baby. But, it will be great for him to learn to go to sleep without it!

So, we talked about it yesterday some with him and after dinner I had him kiss his passies goodbye and throw them away in the garage trash. He said "me no need passy, I big boy!" (Made me a little sad inside...)

It took him almost 2 hours to fall asleep, but he finally did it! He just talked in his bed and didn't cry thankfully! He slept like usual until about 7:45am with no problem!

Well, that's not the whole story..... after lunch today trying to put him down for his nap was quite challenging! After rocking him and singing our usual songs quite a few time I finally just had to leave him in his bed - screaming. He screamed for about 45 minutes - very sad! But, finally he was able to calm down & he's now sleeping peacefully. Of course it's time to go get Colby from school, but my precious mom is coming over to stay here so he can sleep a bit longer!

Oh, the milestones - some so exciting and fun, but others sad as they are growing up!

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