Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Last 2 months of pictures!?!

Alright - finally I'm going to be able to blog & upload pictures. I'm having challenges with my new camera syncing to my computer. I can't locate the pictures when trying to upload them to blogger. I still can't find them properly, but figured out a way to get to them for now!!

So, we shall begin in February. We went to storytime at the paint it yourself shop. They were reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. I love his books & Isaiah's room is decorated with Hungry Caterpillar blankets, sheets, etc. So, mom and I took Abigail & Isaiah. Thankfully it went awesome! The last time we took Isaiah there it was not such a great experience. This time he was very into it.
This is the finished product, as you can see Isaiah has quite a bit of the green paint on his face.
There were 2 holes on the bottom of the caterpillar that he was very intent on getting as much paint as possible inside.
Before they paint, the owner reads a few stories to them. I was a little nervous about them being on the front row, but they did wonderful listening. We were also joined by one of Isaiah's friend's. It was lots of fun & we now have 2 more caterpillars for Isaiah's room!
Valentine's weekend we went to the ranch along with two of Dan's brother's and a couple of their kids. Abigail and I were the only girls among the eight other guys - makes for an interesting Valentine's Day...
Isaiah being held by cousin, Sam, who he adores.Abigail being held by cousin, Ross.
I took Abigail & Isaiah to Colby's Kindergarten Valentine's Day party.
Colby & his best friend, Zalen.

We bought some new living room furniture in March and the kids have decided their "dad's" recliner is the best place to sit and watch cartoons - all together.

Abigail is becoming quite the artist. We were visiting my grandparents one afternoon & she started drawing with chalk. We had to stay until the drawing was complete. The picture doesn't really do the finished product justice. She drew our whole family - the five of us as snowmen in varying sizes as well as our two dogs!
Abigail has a fundraiser and singing program at her preschool. Here she is with her friend, Taylor.
Abigail with Daddy after the show.
Colby and Gannie waiting for the show.
Abigail is for sure turning into quite a different person that Colby. She is not shy to perform for sure! She got up on stage with her class and sang and did all of the motions with gusto. I was so proud of her!

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