Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Past 2 Months - Part 2 - The Great Wolf Lodge

This past Spring Break, my mom and I decided to take the kids to an amazing place - The Great Wolf Lodge. Both of my sisters were able to meet us there for the long weekend, which was wonderful since I hadn't seen them since Christmas. We started our morning with a yummy breakfast at Le Peep's. Of course our trip had to begin with a little drama. As you can see in this picture, Abigail's eye is a little affected. Isaiah had just stuck his finger right in her right eye.

Then, we drove and checked in at the Great Wolf Lodge! I would highly recommend taking any and all aged children to visit! They have 12 locations throughout the United States.

They have lots of different kinds of room, that are of varying amounts of money. We stayed in a "Kid's Cabin" room. Here's my very happy Abigail & Isaiah together on the top bunk of their kid's cabin part of the room.

The main attraction of the lodge is the very large indoor waterpark. The entrance to the park is included in your room rate.

Abigail probably went down this slide 100 times while we were there!
This is part of the younger kids area, which has 3 slides. The water is only chest high for Isaiah, so pretty safe for all ages. They provide life jackets for the kids, which is great!
The other areas of the waterpark include a lazy river, wave pool, basketball pool area, a 4 story water fort with 2 body slides, and 5 really fun big slides. You have to be 42" to ride any of the big slides so Colby went with me and my sisters many times. All of them go outside the building, but are always enclosed. It was especially fun at night when it was dark outside! The waterpark is open 9-9, so you can come and go as you want! They also have an outdoor pool with a few slides that's open a portion of the day.
This was inside the Kid's Cabin. I love this picture of my precious sisters, Lisa & Laura and my precious kids! The bracelet you see on Colby's wrist is what everyone gets when you check in. It allows you access to the waterpark and the adult's bracelets get you into your hotel room and you can charge at any of the restaurants or stores, very handy!
The rest of the room had a regular bed & pullout couch, so we call fit! This is a typical morning in our family - everyone piling into one bed to snuggle!
Another activity there was MagiQuest. You first make an investment in this wand... quite an expense, but lots of fun. You get a booklet that gives you clues for different quests. It sends you all around the 8 floors of the hotel looking for these clues. Then, you wave the wand and sometimes the pictures talk to you or like the chest below opens and gives you gold points.Here's the lobby of the hotel from up a story. In the evenings they have storytime here and the creatures come out and sing for you.

My kid's "silly faces."

I really didn't mean for this post to be an advertisement for The Great Wolf Lodge, but I really can't say enough about it!
One more post to go & I'll be up to date with my pictures!!!

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