Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter weekend

After finishing at the country club, we had a friend's birthday party to attend at a gymnastics facility. It was at the same place that I took trampoline lessons when I was a kid, and I hadn't been there since then! The scary thing is that it hadn't changed much at all! Isaiah really had fun swinging on the rope -I love this picture!

Easter morning the children's choirs I direct at church sang at the 9am mass. Here's Abigail coming down the aisle during the processional.
Here's Colby and his friend, Will.

Here's our yearly Easter picture with Brigid! Somehow for the second year in the row we color-coordinated without planning it! Last year Abigail and Brigid wore similar looking dresses and the same style of hat! So funny.
After mass, we went to my mom's house for lunch. Then, she had a very large egg hunt for them - I think she put like 170 eggs out for them to find in her backyard!

I know this picture is too bright, but I had to include it because of Isaiah's stance and expression!

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