Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Snowy Pictures & Easter Fun!

Here's my precious snow bunny ready to go out and explore!
Our sandbox toys came in handy too!
The Saturday before Easter I took my kids, along with my mom, Brigid and a few friends to the country club for some Easter festivities. Here's Isaiah waiting for the Easter egg hunt!

Surprisingly, Isaiah was happy to pose with the Easter bunny.
In each age group, the child who finds the most real eggs wins a prize. And Colby won! We now have this very large stuffed animal, which is very soft and is Colby's new sleeping buddy.
There is an amazing lady who does facepainting and has been a part of the Easter festivities for the past few years. Colby's face is a bit scary for Easter for me, but that's what he wanted!

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