Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Past Two Months - Part 3

My precious Isaiah, obviously before his last haircut enjoying the swings on the montessori playground at Colby's school. On Tuesday and Thursdays we have an hour between the time I pick Abigail & Isaiah up until Colby gets out of school. So, it's wonderful to have a few nice parks to play at while we are waiting! Abigail is so funny - she likes to pose with her stuffed animals. Included in this picture is her trophy from going mutton busting at the fair this past September.
Our weather has sure been volatile this past few months! A few weeks ago our forecast said we were going to be hit with a blizzard of a snow storm. Crazily, it was in the 70's just hours before it blew in. So, we took the opportunity to go to the zoo. We have discovered the late afternoons are a better time to visit instead of the mornings because all of the animals are active waiting for their dinner. Usually mid-morning they're all taking a nap.
OK - somehow when uploading pictures they mixed up a bit - so the zoo pictures are continued below!
Sometimes the kids can be so amazingly sweet to each other. I came walking around the corner to Abigail & Isaiah hugging each other! With Colby being in Kindergarten all day now, the dynamics between my three kids has changed a bit. Abigail & Isaiah are so much closer.
Here's some more mixed up pictures - this was quite a while back when we had a spell of 80's in our weather. So, the kids went out to play in the sprinklers!

So, here's the picture of the snow & our dogs exploring it!
Fish Face from Isaiah!
This was during the snow storm - instant pajama day cuddling on the couch.
Back to the zoo & the moaning tiger.

Wow! That's all the pictures I have for now!!!

We are getting into quite a busy time of the year. Colby & Abigail are playing indoor soccer with Dan coaching. We've had 3 games & they're doing great! With this week being Holy Week we are going to be very busy with church for the next 5 days. But, it's really worth it - all of the liturgies are so beautiful and meaningful. Happy Easter.

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