Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Parties Everywhere

Isaiah is in love with the Cartoon Network show Ben 10. Weeks before he finally got his Ben 10 watch pictured below he would walk around saying "I turn my watch, I hit my watch. I turn into somebody." Some days he would say it 20 or 30 times! For those who aren't loyal watchers of the show, Ben is an alien who can turn into 10 different types of aliens to help fight the bad guys. His favorite is Echo Echo, except when Isaiah says it, it comes out "wecko, wecko." So cute. Here's Abigail sporting her new hat!
Abigail was invited to her first real girl friend birthday party a few weeks ago. It was a very fancy princess tea party.
Abigail and the birthday girl, Calee. Please excuse the very large piece of gum in Abigail's mouth! The birthday girl got a large gumball machine, in which all the girls got a piece.
Somedays Abigail and Isaiah can be so precious to each other. They came around the corner holding hands, each with their stuffed animal in tow.
Abigail got to have an Easter egg hunt at her preschool. Here's a few pictures from then.

They had the kids decorate their cookie with icing and sprinkles. It was a sugar fest with the kids loading up on sprinkles!
We attempted to get a class picture after the party!
Colby and Abigail were able to enjoy some egg dying with Gannie.

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