Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 7-8 at Disneyworld - The End!

Day 7: Back at Magic Kingdom

I don't think you can spend enough days at Magic Kingdom! So, thankfully we got to return to ride the rest of the rides and repeat a few favorites. If you've noticed a pattern by now in my photos, yes I like to color coordinate our clothes on family trips. Growing up my mom also did this and I didn't think it was such a keen idea sometimes. But, now as a mom, I completely understand! It's so much easier trying to locate kids and make sure everyone stays together. Another thing I like to do before going on a Disney vacation - I order Disney shirts from their online outlet. I ordered shirts this year for $3.99 each compared to $20-30 at the parks. I just pack the new clothes and then the kids are excited to get them on the trip & we can save quite a bit of money not buying them there!

This was the hottest day of the trip besides the 4 hours at the beach. The only hot day at the parks for us because of the crazy amount of rain. But, I'd have to say the rain was challenging at times, but I'm very thankful it made it cooler. Colby & Abigail did so much better in the rain compared to this day of heat!

Day 8: Back at Hollywood Studios

Since we only spent a few late hours at Hollywood Studios our first night, we decided to visit there again on our last day. I think my favorite ride of the whole week was at Hollywood Studios - Toy Story Mania. I highly recommend it if you go to Disneyworld or Disneyland anytime soon! Though the wait in line at times was long, it really was worth it. A lot of our pictures are in the line waiting. They have decorated it with life-size children's games, like Candy Land, Crazy Eights, cards, Mr. Potato Head and so many more!

In the pictures from the Bugs Life playground, Abigail is in quite a few posed pictures. This was completely her idea, she asked me to follow her around and take pictures of her. Pretty funny! I had a special experience while in the playground too - they had music playing by Ray Lynch. My grandmother, who passed away almost 6 years ago loved his music. She especially loved to play it when we had our yearly family trip to Estes Park, Colorado in the mountains. Such amazing memories.

So, that's our Disneyworld trip! During the week we were there, Orlando received record amounts of rain, I think totally 25 inches! I was very thankful that Dan's brother and wife were able to keep Isaiah at home. It would have been a great challenge with the stroller in the rain. We don't have another Disney vacation planned right now, but I know we'll make it back there in a few years & Isaiah can enjoy it with his siblings!

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