Friday, August 14, 2009

San Antonio!

Above is the only nap Isaiah decided to take during our San Antonio trip!

Last week, I decided to take the kids for one last trip before school starts. My precious sister agreed to meet us in San Antonio for four nights. The trip took 10 hours, mostly because of Isaiah's newly developed potty training skill as we had to stop 7 times! So, 525 miles later, we arrived. We decided to take them to Sea World each of the 3 days & we all had an awesome time. The kids really enjoyed all of the animal shows and the water park.

One evening we went to the Riverwalk and took the boat ride. Thankfully it was only 30 minutes long, as the history was interested, but not so much to Abigail & Isaiah. Considering it was close to 100 degrees didn't help either! Lisa & Colby:
Isaiah looks a little dazed in this picture, but cute! This was after one of our stays in the water park, going back to the car.
Lisa & Abby - waiting for lunch!
Shamu Show:
Lunch on the Riverwalk at Landry's.
We decided to plan a few inside activities to get out of the heat. We went to the San Antonio Children's Museum. If you are in the area with kids, I highly recommend it! It has many levels, which leads to losing kids, but great if you have a few adults to supervise. We stayed a few hours, but the kids could have stayed all day!
Here's a picture as we were leaving Sea World the last night.
One of the highlights for the kids was getting to feed the dolphins. Of course, I didn't bring my camera over there, but here's a picture after.
We also went to the Witte Museum and enjoyed their kid part of the museum.
This is an awesome interactive panel that has lots of games you can play on it. Colby, Abigail & Isaiah enjoyed the dodgeball!
Thankfully the trip home only took 8 1/2 hours, with 4 stops! I think it also had to do with Isaiah & Abigail taking an hour nap, which was great! It was really nice to get away one last time before school starts & especially to spend time with Lisa before she starts teaching again!
Here's a precious picture I took a few days ago at the park with some friends. Colby's the one in the orange huddling his friends around him.
The countdown has begun - 5 days until school starts!

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