Monday, August 31, 2009

School Has Returned

Yesterday after church, I grabbed my camera after noticing that my kids matched! I really like this picture I was able to capture! I love Isaiah's smile with Uncle John.
First Day back to school!!! Colby has started 1st grade!
Isaiah wanted to pose for a picture too... with his gun.
Here's Colby & Abigail before the first day of school. Abigail started Montessori at Colby's school this year. She is completely loving it. It's made for quite a different few days for me at home with just Isaiah. It will take some adjusting getting used to her not being here, but it will be really nice to have some special time just with Isaiah.
Last week we celebrated Jack's birthday with a yummy dinner. I made Beef Stroganoff and Green Bean Bundles. Isaiah was very excited to get to help Jack blow out his birthday candles on a few mini-pecan pie muffins. It actually turned into a 30 minute activity of singing to each person around the table, just so they could blow the candles out! For those who were there last December to experience Isaiah's 2nd birthday, you can see his candle blowing form has thankfully improved! He created his own tune for "Happy Birthday" I hope you will enjoy too!

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Cornelius Crew said...

very cute pics! Love the one of all 3 of them together! Dacie wants to watch Isaiah sing Again and again!