Monday, December 28, 2009

Halloween Happenings

The month of October included lots of Halloween carnivals and fun with the kids!
One nice Saturday we went to the Palo Duro Canyon for the day for a little hike and picnic with my mom and Brigid.
We saw many hairy caterpillars:
Halloween carnival at our church: Abigail got to wear fake eyelashes for her ladybug costume:

Halloween night began a few weeks of sickness in our house. Abigail didn't get to trick-or-treat because of a pretty good fever. So, here's how she spent the evening:
while the boys were going door-to-door on our block.

Colby made his first Jack-o-lantern with his friend Will.

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Cornelius Crew said...

Dayton and Colby had the exact same costume! Crazy!