Monday, December 28, 2009

Halloween Happenings

The month of October included lots of Halloween carnivals and fun with the kids!
One nice Saturday we went to the Palo Duro Canyon for the day for a little hike and picnic with my mom and Brigid.
We saw many hairy caterpillars:
Halloween carnival at our church: Abigail got to wear fake eyelashes for her ladybug costume:

Halloween night began a few weeks of sickness in our house. Abigail didn't get to trick-or-treat because of a pretty good fever. So, here's how she spent the evening:
while the boys were going door-to-door on our block.

Colby made his first Jack-o-lantern with his friend Will.

Family Pictures!

We had our family pictures taken in the courtyard of one of the downtown churches the first of November. She did an amazing job! This is my personal favorite: My precious Isaiah!

Dainty Abigail:
Cool Colby:

I was very happy with these pictures & they were all captured within 20 minutes! It's so nice when everyone cooperates!

Trike-a-thon & Glorieta Trip

The first weekend of October I led a retreat for our youth and adult choir in Glorieta, NM at the Lifeway Retreat center. This is the 3rd year that we have gone there & I would highly recommend it - whether for a family weekend to a large get-together. It is a very affordable and beautiful facility.

I drove with Abigail and one of our friend's and her daughter that Friday so we could enjoy Santa Fe before the group arrived. We first visited the Santa Fe Children's Museum. Somehow my pictures are jumbled.... so here's a few from the St. Jude's Trike-a-thon that Abigail participated in at her Montessori school.
I really wish I would have videoed the start of the race. Abigail was hilarious! She was so serious! She quickly found her way around everyone so she could get to the front of all of the kids. As she went around the oval, there was no smiling, just racing. So funny!
Back to the museum!
Weaving away - her great-grandmother would have been proud.
Below is 3 of our scholarship students and my boss, Jim at the end of the retreat.
Here's a majority of our group in the prayer garden.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Atkins Family Reunion

Ready for a lot of catch up posts?!?!?

Here goes:

In late September my grandmother held a family reunion at her house. She is one of 10 kids! 2 of them have passed away in the past few years, and 1 was caring for her sick husband, so a total of 7 and some of their families joined us. We had a photographer come and capture the event. Isaiah and my cousin, Taylor.
My precious grandparents:
Here's the grandchildren and great-grandchildren that were able to attend:
The 7 siblings:
Everyone attending:
Here's my grandparent's clan in attendance:
Me and my 3!