Friday, July 30, 2010

Galivanting With Gannie

We've had a fun week hanging out with my mom a lot. Here's a few of our activities:
Making a fruit pizza out on the front porch. Very determined workers:
Baby holding:

The finished product!
I ordered these cute clothes on clearance from Happy Green Bee!

Gannie took us to one of her friend's ranch outside of town to visit lots of animals. Here's the 2 month old miniature horse.
with her mama:
Then - a 3 week old pygmy goat!
This is the goat's cage - somehow I think we could use one of these at home with a bigger lock for Mr. Isaiah!!!
Abigail was quite in love with the goat. I think she might have a veterinarian future. She asked if she could live there. I said she would be put to work caring for the animals & she was very excited!

They even got to help feed him a bottle!
There was also a rabbit, lots of dogs, puppies, and more horses! I think my kids would have stayed all day if we would have let them!

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Cornelius Crew said...

I think ya'll need to get a couple of little goats of your own! That would complete the family! :)