Monday, December 20, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

Here's a few pictures from our Christmas card:
Abigail danced in her 1st dance recital at the beginning of December & did an amazing job! No fear!
Abby & Mum.
Backstage, ready to perform!
My ballerina
We went to Dallas to run in the 5k of the White Rock Marathon the first of December. It was a great weekend getting together with my dad's side of my family. Here we are ready to run! I think this is going to become a yearly tradition!
2 of my precious siblings!
This is our post-race picture!
Post-race with John, Colby & Uncle Tony. Colby is very happy to say he beat me by 2 minutes!
We decided to celebrate by going to P.F. Chang's & got to sit in the back at the chef's table.

My little Jacob with my cousin, now "big" Jake!
My kid's posing in front of our tree before their Christmas program at school.
Gannie & Jacob.
Jacob had his official 6 months pictures - but unfortunately, he decided he didn't want to smile. There's a few cute ones anyway!

Isaiah always likes to pose too, since he's home when Jacob is having his pictures made.
Santa Jake

We had a special visit from Santa Claus last week! He read the kids "The Night Before Christmas" and took special requests for their presents.
Colby, a little bashful telling his wishes.
Isaiah, the elf.

Jacob was a bit scared of the big man.
That brings us to the present! We have a busy week of visiting with family and singing at church. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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