Monday, December 19, 2011

Advent Giving Quest - Week 3 report & Week 4 plan

This sure has been a busy week, but we were able to squeeze in a few Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. This past Thursday after school, I took Colby, Abigail & her friend to the laundrymat on the way home. Thankfully there were 3 people doing their laundry, so each of the kids were able to give them a card with $1.50 in quarters in it. One of the ladies even followed us out and said what a blessing it was.
So much fun!!
I ended up purchasing quite a few of the items for our Angel Tree recipients online and finished up my shopping at Old Navy on Thursday. I wanted to get my kids more involved in the picking out and purchasing of gifts, but it would have been too crazy with all 4 of them. On Friday, my mom helped me wrap each gift individually, then we put all the presents in a big wrapped box. We were able to bless a 7 yr old girl, 14 yr old girl, and a woman in a nursing home. It's hurts my heart thinking especially about these children who have probably had to deal with so many issues my children don't even know exist - possibly being unfed, unclothed, parents being unemployed or addicted to a drug or alcohol, or other challenges. I am so thankful for all we have and all we are blessed with. I hope through this Advent Giving Quest my children have been able to feel the joy in giving and helping others & also been able to realize how truly blessed we are.

Last night, I braved Walmart to shop for this week's groceries and took Colby with me. It was crazy full of people, as we are supposed to have a blizzard this afternoon. When we checked out, Colby asked the clerk her favorite type of gum & bought it for her. She thanked us probably 3 times. Then, he gave the person behind us in line a $10 gift card to walmart on our way out & she was truly touched.

For this the last week of Advent, we plan on buying the order for the person behind us in a fast food drive-thru lane. On Thursday, we plan on blessing some sisters at a few of the convents here with goodies and carols. Then, on Friday, my family is planning on caroling to a few of my grandparent's friends. We started this tradition last year & it was so wonderful! We will also continue handing out the candy canes and m&ms.

My kids have a few more days in school, before being out for Christmas break, so the days will be filled with Christmas parties and fun with friends. We will celebrate Isaiah's 5th birthday on Wednesday & then my precious sisters will be coming to town on Wednesday and Friday. Our week will also be filled with final preparations for the music for the Christmas eve masses at church. I have the last presents to wrap, sweet treats to make, laundry to do & my house to clean - but, we WILL take time and slow down to enjoy the time we have together with family & friends making memories and enjoying this beautiful season of giving.

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