Thursday, December 29, 2011

Advent Giving Quest - Week 4 Report

Last week was the 4th week of Advent. We celebrated my third child's 5th birthday on Wednesday the 21st, which was also the last day of school for my oldest three for 2011.

On Thursday, we bought the meal for the person behind us in the drive thru line at Chick-fil-a :-) Then, that afternoon we went with my kid's cousins to visit a few of the convents in town to bring them fruit baskets.
Then, on Friday, we went caroling with my family, my mom, her husband and my two sisters. We first visited one of my grandparent's friends.
I love this picture of my four caroling children :-)
Then, we visited a sweet friend from our church who we sing with in the adult choir. He was so precious and had hot chocolate ready for us.
Finally, we visited one of my mother's friends from her church, also a precious woman!
It sure was fun spreading God's love and joy to these people.

This year, we put our Christmas treat downstairs and my mom made a felt Christmas tree for our living room. During Thanksgiving break Colby, Abigail & Isaiah helped her make felt ornaments. Then, as we did different Random Acts of Christmas Kindness, we printed the pictures and put them on felt for our tree.
Wow, hard to believe the 4 weeks of Advent are over & we are now in the Christmas season. I have really enjoyed our Advent Giving Quest this past month & am planning on continuing Random Acts of Kindness throughout this year.

Thinking about each thing we have done, it's exciting to think about the possibilities of what we began. If each random act was continued on or inspired someone else to help someone, that would be awesome. It reminds me of a song and a video - Steve Weeks has a song called Someday that's all about passing it on. The lyrics are here and a sample of the song can be found here. I also saw this video on a friend's facebook page the other day - such an amazing video about passing it on!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Giving into the New Year!

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Travis Erwin said...

Hope all of y'all had a great Christmas and have a Happy and Blessed 2012.