Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks to the inspiration of Pintrest, I went a little crazy making Valentines this year. Normally, I just buy premade ones with candy from Walmart and call it good. But, this year, after seeing all of the neat things and so many free printables on Pintrest, I decided to make different ones for each of my children.

I made the one at the beginning of this post for our family and Pintrest linked back to this website with the idea.

After seeing this precious idea for a Valentine's, Colby volunteered to do a photo shoot with my handmade mustache.
He had fun playing around!
Here's the finished product that I ordered from one of my favorite sites to get photo books, calendars, cards, etc.
Well.... after I received them, Colby expanded on his idea that they could ONLY be for our family and not his friends, as it would be embaressing! Well, darn... so I do have an extra 20 of these! But, anyway, fine, we prepared them for our family and I looked for another cute idea that would be appropriate to give his 9-year-old friends. I found this precious idea of covering a Sweet tart Heart Candy box with an iphone printable.
On to Abigail, who was certainly the most in to crafting with me :-) Here's her finished product that I found on this site. It has a precious little poem on it too.
Creating these handprint cards sounded like an easy task, but then realizing she needed 17 for her class & 15 for our family, it took a while to get them all done! She was a little sensitive to the smell of the paint, hence the bandana!
I made a few different ones for Isaiah also. The one below went to our family in town, and I found the printable topper here.
His other Valentine was certainly the one that took the longest of all I made this year to make. But, they turned out pretty cute - Superhero Suckers! The printables I found here.
Finally, for Jacob I saw this cute idea & made my own simple baggie topper.
This precious idea caught my eye and I had Colby, Abigail & Isaiah each make a few of these Mail-a-Hugs to send to our out-of-town family.
Colby purchased each of these wax lips for his siblings last week at his school's student council Valentine's shop. So fun! I remember getting these when I was a kid.
One last pose with little Jacob!
So, after 3 weekends of making Valentine's we were able to mail them to out-of-town family and give them to in-town family and all of the kid's classmates and teachers!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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