Thursday, June 17, 2010

Colby's a Traveler!

My sister, Lisa invited Colby to come spend a few days with her this summer. We were thinking it would work best in late July, but Colby would have to fly by himself for the 1st time. He was not ready to do that, so we quickly decided he could go ahead & drive home with her yesterday and they could fly back together this weekend. This was a bit of surprise for Dan, so in hopes to convince him to let Colby go, Lisa & Colby wrote a poem/rap for him:

Hey Dad, my Dad, My very sweet Dad
I want to go to Austin, really, really bad.
The good news is, I've found a way,
So I want to know - What do you say?

This trip will mean a lot to me,
All the things I'm going to see.
I'll feel real safe, with Weezer by my side,
If you'll just say yes, She can be my guide.

I'll be excited to tell you what we do,
And just know Dad that I LOVE YOU!

Imagine these words coming from a precious 7 year old! So cute! So, he's down in Austin for a few more days, and I know he's having an amazing time with his Aunt/Godmother!!!

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