Monday, June 14, 2010

Jacob Thomas - Week 1 at home

Here's a few pictures from our 1st week after returning home from the hospital: Dan's brother, Matt got married the Saturday after Jacob was born - here's Abigail dressed up for the occasion.
Precious feet!
All my 4 children! I ordered this necklace from the Vintage pearl.
Jacob with Aunt Karen:
Pop (my dad) & Abigail:
My dad & 3 of the kids:
My Aunt Teresa & Jacob

My grandfather, Pappy & Jacob:
The very proud big brother Isaiah!
Aunt Lisa & Jacob:

Proud Abby!

Colby went to a golf camp last week & had a blast!
My little golfers!
I LOVE this picture of my oldest & youngest boys

In March of 2007, we took my brother, John, to the Koetting Bluebird Ranch. Quite a few of the adults and kids were outside doing some target practice. My brother shot at a pan, and the bullet ricocheted and landed in Dan's leg, right next to his knee. The blessing of that day was that Colby, age 4 1/2 at the time was not inches away, standing in between Dan's legs. The bullet finally began bothering him the end of last year. So, Dan had it removed a few months ago. John came to visit last week & had quite a hilarious shirt on! It says, "If I were ever to shoot you, it would just be in the leg."

Gannie & Jacob
Aunt Lisa holding a sacked out Isaiah.
Isaiah recently decided he's a Big Boy now so he's jumping off the diving board like a crazy man!

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