Friday, June 18, 2010

Jacob's 2 week Pictures

These are Jacob's 2 week old pictures! I took him for his 2 week checkup & he weighed 7 lbs 8 ozs, so up a few ounces from his birth weight - right where he should be!
He is sleeping amazingly well most nights - only getting up once to eat.
Whenever he cries, one of his brothers or sister are there to sing to him. He calms down when he hears their voice.
Of all my children, Jacob has surely been held the most! All 3 kids line up in the morning waiting for their turn to hold their brother. He's only been put in his bed a few times for a nap!
This morning, Isaiah in a sweet voice said, "Look at his precious little foot."
Colby went to Cub Scout camp when Jacob was only 10 days old for the weekend & he had a hard time leaving... he had to hold Jacob for quite a while before being OK with going!
Abigail & Isaiah are especially helpful in getting diapers and everything ready each time I change his diaper (which is quite a lot!).
Lots of people who have seen Jacob or have seen his picture think he looks a lot like Abigail.
He is quite a sweet, precious gift from God.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Colby's a Traveler!

My sister, Lisa invited Colby to come spend a few days with her this summer. We were thinking it would work best in late July, but Colby would have to fly by himself for the 1st time. He was not ready to do that, so we quickly decided he could go ahead & drive home with her yesterday and they could fly back together this weekend. This was a bit of surprise for Dan, so in hopes to convince him to let Colby go, Lisa & Colby wrote a poem/rap for him:

Hey Dad, my Dad, My very sweet Dad
I want to go to Austin, really, really bad.
The good news is, I've found a way,
So I want to know - What do you say?

This trip will mean a lot to me,
All the things I'm going to see.
I'll feel real safe, with Weezer by my side,
If you'll just say yes, She can be my guide.

I'll be excited to tell you what we do,
And just know Dad that I LOVE YOU!

Imagine these words coming from a precious 7 year old! So cute! So, he's down in Austin for a few more days, and I know he's having an amazing time with his Aunt/Godmother!!!

Jacob Thomas - Week 2

The last 2 weeks have flown by! But, it's already hard to remember life with Jacob.

Here's a few pictures from our week:

Aunt Lisa snuggling with Jacob:I love this precious face!

4 sets of sweet feet!

My FOUR kids!

We've taken this same picture on towels with each of my kids. I hope to now frame each of them & hang them in the bathroom!

My grandmother holding her 5th great-grandchild!

Abigail & I took Jacob out for his first walk in his new stroller.
Looking at Lisa

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jacob Thomas - Week 1 at home

Here's a few pictures from our 1st week after returning home from the hospital: Dan's brother, Matt got married the Saturday after Jacob was born - here's Abigail dressed up for the occasion.
Precious feet!
All my 4 children! I ordered this necklace from the Vintage pearl.
Jacob with Aunt Karen:
Pop (my dad) & Abigail:
My dad & 3 of the kids:
My Aunt Teresa & Jacob

My grandfather, Pappy & Jacob:
The very proud big brother Isaiah!
Aunt Lisa & Jacob:

Proud Abby!

Colby went to a golf camp last week & had a blast!
My little golfers!
I LOVE this picture of my oldest & youngest boys

In March of 2007, we took my brother, John, to the Koetting Bluebird Ranch. Quite a few of the adults and kids were outside doing some target practice. My brother shot at a pan, and the bullet ricocheted and landed in Dan's leg, right next to his knee. The blessing of that day was that Colby, age 4 1/2 at the time was not inches away, standing in between Dan's legs. The bullet finally began bothering him the end of last year. So, Dan had it removed a few months ago. John came to visit last week & had quite a hilarious shirt on! It says, "If I were ever to shoot you, it would just be in the leg."

Gannie & Jacob
Aunt Lisa holding a sacked out Isaiah.
Isaiah recently decided he's a Big Boy now so he's jumping off the diving board like a crazy man!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jacob Thomas Koetting - born June 2, 2010

It has been a crazy few weeks!! I began having contractions Tuesday evening, June 1st around 7:30pm. They weren't very regular and not too painful, so I wasn't sure that I was really in labor. By 11pm, they were getting more uncomfortable, so I decided it was time to start for the hospital. My mom came over to deliver our other 3 children to where they would be staying, so by the time we all loaded up, it was midnight. We got up to L&D around 12:15am Wednesday morning & then I began having really strong contractions. The nurses quickly checked me & I was already 10 cm dilated! They wheeled me into another room and 20 minutes later Jacob was here! The nurses ended up delivering him, as my doctor didn't make it in time! Needless to say, it was so quick I delivered with no meds!

He was born at 12:41am, weighing 7 lbs 6 ozs & 19 1/2 inches long. He and Abigail weighed exactly the same, and were my smallest babies! A very proud dad:
Seeing my baby for the 1st time!
Big brother Colby came to visit later that day - here he is holding Jacob for the 1st time:
Abigail holding Jacob for the 1st time:
Grandma & Jacob:

Isaiah was very excited about holding his brother!
Uncle John
Such a sweet face!
Cousin Ross
Cousin Emily