Monday, September 29, 2008

The First Girl Phone Call

Alright, this is precious - My mom picked Colby up today from school about 20 minutes ago & he immediately called me. The reason, get ready, this is pretty funny - because Hannah, his friend is going to be calling & he wants me to give her my mom's number to call him there! Oh, my goodness... 6 years old and getting a call from a girl. She is a very precious girl, I might add. So, she calls & says hi... I told her Colby wasn't here, but she could call him at my mom's. So, I hear her telling her grandmother in the background that she needs a paper & pencil quick to write down the number. I hear her saying, "Hurry, she's waiting!" So, it took quite a long time to give a 5 year old the seven digit phone number, but hopefully she got it right! After I think she got all of the numbers down she said, "OK I'm going to call him real quick."

I talked to Hannah's mom on the phone last week because she was scheduling parents to work at the upcoming school carnival. She told me that when she came home from work one day, Hannah was hard at work drawing a picture for Colby & his friend, Zalen. Her mom said she really worked hard at it. Anyway, she brought it to school to give to them, but their teacher didn't let her. The school has a rule that if you handout something at school, like birthday invitations, then every child must get one. So, pretty funny!

It is so cute right now to me about the phone call... can't imagine in the next 10 years... they grow up fast.

Last Night's Dinner

Isaiah is 21 months now & he would be completely content to live on Fruit Snacks, Cheese & Yogurt. But, at each meal I try to encourage him to eat whatever Dan or I have prepared. This hasn't gone over so well in quite a few months! So, last night was a great exception. Dan warmed up some bar-b-que roast, beans & potato salad. From the minute we put Isaiah's plate down, he was gobbling up the "meat" as he called it, dipping it in bar-b-que sauce first. It was cut into slices, which I cut into about 6 bites for him. I'm pretty sure he ate five or more complete slices of the roast. He couldn't get enough. He ate more than any of us at the table! I captured a precious picture after, so I will be posting it soon.

My mom is now home from visiting my sister, so I'm going to get her to upload all of the photos I've taken with her camera. Then, I'll post the fun from the past few weeks!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Past Few Weeks

I apologize for not blogging lately - it's really for 2 reasons. One being I can't post pictures because my sweet Colby broke mine right before the surgery, so I still haven't had time to find the warranty and work on getting it fixed & because I just don't have any extra energy yet!

That being said, here's an update:

Abigail turned 4 on September 9th! I can't believe she is getting so big. Colby turned 6 on September 12th! He has days of great maturity, thankfully! We celebrated with their friends at Brush With Art last Saturday. It was crazy, but very fun! Everyone got to paint a plate and put their handprint on it. I really love having them make personalized items to display! Hopefully they will be finished soon!

This past week we went to the fair a couple of times. First on Tuesday, we took Colby & Abigail to ride the rides. They had a great time. I also got to sample a few fried treats too! We also went last night for the rodeo. As one of the events, they let 4-7 year olds sign up and try to ride a sheep. My brave Abigail said she would do it! She was put on the waiting list, so unfortunately I didn't know she was going to for sure be able to do it... so there's no great photo or video, but she did get to try! She just barely made it out of the shoot and then fell off, but that's about how good most of the other kids did too! There was only 1 girl who rode the sheep through the buzzer & she went right before Abby. Dan was back waiting with her & he said about 5 kids got out of line crying before their turn, so he was scared Abigail might do the same. Amazingly, she was so brave & said she wanted to try! She received a cute little trophy that she is very proud of!

One more great momento of the fair, is that we "won" a goldfish... the kids are really excited, I'm not too much, as it's one more thing to have to clean up after! But, we'll see how long he lives...

Today we're having a family get together for their birthdays. I decided this year it would be much easier to have smaller parties since I'm not too helpful! Anyway, I think the weather's going to cooperate & get to 80, so I'm warming up the pool. We really haven't swam but maybe once since school started, so this should be the last time for the season.

About my back - the surgery for sure did the trick, thankfully. It gets frustrating at times that I really still have limitations to what I should be doing. Yesterday I overdid it a bit. I can tell that because of how I feel today! But, it's getting better every day!!!

This week everything's started back at church for me. Amazingly, I have over 80 children signed up for children's choir! This is more than ever before! I think we ended up with around 50 this past Spring. We usually break the kids into pre-K-1st grade & 2nd-5th, but that would give us 35 & 45 in each group! This won't work with the space we rehearse in, so I'm adding another group with them. This will still give us 25-30 kids in each group, but much more manageable! It's so exciting seeing all the precious children exciting about music and serving their church. It's going to be a great year! I have a meeting with all of the youth that have signed up to be involved with the music program tomorrow. I think there will be about 40 youth there!

I've been able to borrow my mom's camera while she's with my sister in Portland, so when she returns next week, I'll be able to post the pictures!!!

A precious moment this morning - Abigail woke up early, as usual and joined us in bed. Then, Isaiah woke up, so we asked Abby to go and play with him in his room. I could hear her reading "Brown Bear What Do You See" to Isaiah. Very precious. Then, Colby joined them and read "Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar" to them both! I'm so thankful that Kindergarten has finally excited Colby to want to read and look at books more! Up until now, he really hasn't enjoyed it very much. So, thankfully he's finally starting to like it! I actually got this on video sneaking down the hall. :-)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Precious Moments

A few very precious moments happened today:

This afternoon I was laying down with Abigail trying to get her to nap & closing my eyes too. She's not buying it. So, she's playing a bit. She's facing me & puts her finger carefully on her eyeball. Then, rubs her eyes and says, "My eye slobbers when I do that." I had to hold back some major laughter.

This evening I decided to start Abigail & Isaiah's bath while Dan ran to Home Depot for something. I really can't bathe them because of bending over. So, Colby came in and ask if I needed help. It's so nice when he has some grown up moments! Anyway, I said that would be great. So, I gave him the washcloth & he lathered it up with soap. He starts cleaning Isaiah and makes up a little song about washing him (just like I do). After I helped him rinse out his hair, we got Isaiah out & Colby said it was fun! Then, I told him I needed help putting on his diaper. Of course, he said that was gross. I told him it was much cleaner putting it on, rather than taking it off! So, he actually helped me put on his diaper!

Finally, after Isaiah was dressed for bed, passy & blanket in hand, I held him on the couch and sang a few songs to him. Then, I kissed & hugged him and asked him to find his daddy and do the same. The next thing I knew, he actually walked himself into his bed and was sitting up in it when I came in! I covered him up with his blanket & said goodnight! Amazing.

So, for sure this was an amazing day with a precious moment with each child.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Abigail's 1st Day of Preschool

This past Tuesday morning Abigail began official preschool at St. Stephen's! Here she is outside waiting to go to school. She is happy because her best friend, Derrick, is in her class. I'm excited for her to continue learning in a more structured environment. I think she's going to really enjoy it! This is her silly face....
Here's Isaiah waving goodbye to Colby going to school.
And saying cheese for camera.

Monday, September 1, 2008


As I am under the influence of a few medications - I forgot a precious moment from a few days ago to share:
Friday evening the kids came home for an hour or so before leaving for their cousin's house. I was laying in bed, where they all came to greet me. Sweet Abigail came over to me and started rubbing my arm. She had such a caring sweet look on her face. For those who know Abigail, she can be a wild, crazy girl at times, so it's so nice when she shows her sweet side!

I forgot to also mention that I am not allowed to drive for 2 weeks, which is fine with me for now!

Another change - After figuring out that I won't be able to lift Isaiah in and out of his crib for quite a while, we decided it is time to put him in a toddler bed... It stinks because he's still doing great in his crib. But, I think it's the only option. Dan & Isaiah put the bed up in his room while I was napping this morning. So, after lunch I asked him to show me his new bed. He went running into his room into the bed! He's quite excited about it! It's a firetruck bed that has a red light on the top, which he loves to turn off and on. So, I just hope he sleeps as well as before during naps and nighttime!

Enjoy your Labor Day!