Friday, July 18, 2008

4th of July - The Ranch

Here we are at the Ranch for 4th of July! Cousin Emily had fun giving Isaiah a mohawk!
Here's Abigail looking quite grown up after a hairdo and some makeup from Emily.

Isaiah really enjoyed his powdered donuts breakfast! Here are all of the cousins together! (minus 1)

I know - this is terribly late! But, after returning from Estes Park & finishing about 9 loads of laundry, we immediately left for the 4th of July weekend!
We all had a great time shooting off fireworks every evening & even some during the day. The older cousins decided to try and light some of the fireworks using a binoculars lens for a magnifying glass. It actually worked & kept them occupied for quite a while!

The weekend consisted of: fireworks, 4 wheeling, fishing, good food, card games & most importantly family. There were 18 of us there at the Ranch, all except 1 person in Dan's family. So, a very special time to be together!

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Lisa said...

I cannot believe Isaiah's face after eating the donuts!! Oh my gosh!! He is such a cutie.