Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Estes Park, Part 3

OK - this is quite a long post, but I wanted to finish up the pictures and thoughts from the Colorado trip!

Here's a picture of me & the girls after we finished the high ropes challenge course! Here I am climbing the tree up 35 feet to get to the top of the course.
I'm quite happy to make it to the top, but then a bit scared to go across the beam, then the wires & finally the zip line!!!
After doing the course, I am glad I did it, but wow, it's quite scary! I know it's totally safe, but you aren't really thinking about that when you're up in the air.

Here's Colby getting ready to throw in a big rock!
The yearly trip to "The Rock." It's a picnic place along side of the drive in Wild Basin up on Highway 7, a part of the Rocky Mountain National Park. I don't exactly know when this tradition began, but for as long as I can remember, we always made a trip there to throw rocks in the river & have a picnic. It's quite a special place & very beautiful. 10 years ago Dan proposed to me there while I was spending the summer working at the YMCA Camp of the Rockies. After he proposed and we were enjoying our lunch on the rock, a few deers visited us quite close. We celebrated our anniversary of 9 years while on the trip to Colorado this year. Pretty crazy, anyway, so many great memories have been made there enjoying the beautiful scenery with our family. It's kind of wild to think last year Pa was with us there, and now no more... But, I know Nene & Pa were looking down on us smiling as we continue the traditions that they started so many years ago.

Isaiah enjoying some string cheese.
Me & my siblings!

Isaiah got to sit this year out for riding the go carts, but I bet he will be joining in the fun next year! Here's Colby trying out the bungie jumping. His feet never actually touch the trampoline below. He figured out how to do back flips & actually did a double back flip one time!
Of course, my 3 year old dare-devil Abigail decided she would give it a try! She did quite good, but for once in her life, she was quiet! She didn't scream or same much while flying high in the air!
This is the "slide." It is quite a fun ride, at only $1 per person, but you have to walk all the way up the stairs to come down again! I think Colby did it at least 15 times, most of the time going by himself up the stairs, because we were too tired to go again! Quite a workout! Isaiah really loved it too. When he'd come down with whichever adult was taking him, he would stand up & immediately go back & start climbing the stairs!
Here's Isaiah enjoying playing the guitar with Aunt Laura!
So many great memories were made in Colorado this year! It was wonderful having almost our whole family there together! My kids are already looking forward to next year.


Travis Erwin said...

Great pictures as always.

Cornelius Crew said...

I didn't realize that John went, How fun! I love the pic of all of you with your mom, that's so sweet! Why am I writing this right now instead of just calling you? I know you have fam in town so call me whenever, you know Kent's gone for forever so I've got loads of time on my hands!! ha ha

Lisa said...

Awesome pictures sis! Can't wait to climb the trees again next summer with you :-)!!