Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Colby's Back Flip

Here are my precious kids yesterday afternoon waiting for my friend to come over to swim with her 2 kids. The kids were ready to swim enjoying the hammock before we ventured to the back yard! This was about 4pm
Colby, Abigail, Isaiah & I began swimming with my friend's kids, who were 4 & 6 years old at about 4:20pm. Colby has just learned in the past week how to do a back flip off of our diving board. Her 4 year old even imitated Colby doing the back flip!

So, we're having a great time & then boom, I hear a bad sound. It is Colby's head on the diving board. He was doing a back flip & while upside down didn't clear the board. He cut the back of his head pretty good & scraped his back on the way into the water. Thankfully he was conscious & was able to swim to the surface. I immediately swam to him & we got out of the pool. Thankfully my friend was there to watch Abigail & Isaiah while I frantically jumped into the car with Colby pushing on his head with a towel. There was quite a bit of blood streaming from his head.

We headed straight to the emergency room. I called Dan quickly telling him what was going on & for him to meet us there. Thankfully my mom was available to go be with my kids too!

We checked in to the ER at 4:50pm & were seen by the triage nurses at 5:20. Here's a picture of Colby after the nurses cleaned his back off a bit & wrapped up his head. When they were cleaning it, they showed us you could actually see his skull... yuck... Anyway, they told us to expect a CT scan of his head & staples.

We returned to the waiting room to wait! They said 2-3 hours. Here's his back after scraping down the diving board.
His face is a little sore too because of his goggles. They left a faint mark around his eyes & between his eyes on his nose. Also, inside his upper lip he has a nice bruise.

We were called back around 8pm. The nurse & doctor took a look at the cut, as seen below.

We had to wait just a little longer & were taken into a room in the ER. They came in and deadened the area around the cut, which was supposed to burn & sting. Amazingly Colby was so calm & still. He did amazing. Then they shaved a little bit of hair around the area, which Colby did NOT like, probably because he was already bruised. After cleaning the area well they put in 6 staples.
He will have to keep them in for 10 days. They want it to scab over a bit to heal, so he's not supposed to get too wet, at least for 5 days. He really was doing amazing last night, a bit lethargic and not himself, but great pain-wise. Through the night we woke him a few times to make sure he was ok. No problems!

This morning though, he has started to hurt quite a bit. I started him with Tylenol at 8am, but within a few hours he is hurting and crying. So, it's been an interesting day!

I am so thankful & feel so blessed that it happened while someone was with me and the kids! I am also thankful that it happened now & not after I've had my back surgery. Dan has been in a few golf tournaments & has a few more in the next month. So, I'm thankful he was available to come and be with Colby & me. Obviously, it wasn't a great experience, but I feel blessed for the way it all happened.

It's quite hard as a mother to see your child hurting and scared and to be really strong for them! Hopefully he starts to feel better soon! Thank you for your thoughts & prayers.


Cornelius Crew said...

Poor precious Colby! Tell him that we are so happy that he is okay and that we were praying for him yesterday. Hope his pain is doing better. Let me know if you need anything

Lisa said...

You are an awesome mom Nicole. I know you handled the event calmly and lovingly because of your amazing gift as a mother. I hope Colby feels better soon, and I love you both very much!!

Jamita said...

I am fairly certain I would have completely freaked out. I hope his head feels better and I hope your back surgery goes smoothly. I'll add you to my prayer list.


Travis Erwin said...

Man is he tough or what. By the looks of that gash I'd have been crying.

Hope he's feeling better now.