Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Estes Park Park 2

Here's a few pictures of our family horse trail ride! Below is Lisa with Colby. (Next year he will have to ride a horse by himself, since he'll be 6! Kind of scary!) Isaiah got to ride with Dan & Abigail rode with me!
My crazy sisters decided we should do the High Ropes Challenge Course together one morning. Kind of scary... but very fun! Here are Lisa & Laura getting ready in their gear.
Here are 2 of the trees that are a part of the course. The ropes & wires are 35 feet up in the air!
Here is Lisa finishing the course, about to zip line down.

Riding the ponies at the livery is a must for our annual trip to Estes! Here's Isaiah The Cowboy getting ready to ride the pony.

Laura & I led Bitsy around the Minnie Mouse Pony Trail Ride together, trying to make sure Isaiah stays on the horse! Please notice the new and very precious cowboy boots for the occasion.

Lisa led Shortcake around with Abigail The Cowgirl on top!

Lisa & Laura made precious t-shirts for our "Reunion!" Here we are on the porch.

Gannie wanted a picture with her 3 grandkids - pretty precious!

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Lisa said...

Man, our family has good taste in t-shirts! :-) Cute pictures!!